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Callograptus indianensis Erdtmann & Adams, 1975
Class Graptolithoidea (= Graptolithina + Pterobranchia), Order Dendroidea, Family Dendrograptidae
Diagnosis. - "Rhabdosome flabellate, straight primary
stipe, closely alternating lateral branching of
secondary stipes, higher order branching as
dichotomous bifurcations. Stipes are thick
throughout but taper abruptly at distal ends.
Dissepiments are rarely observed and occur only
between third- and fourth-order stipes. Sicula and
thecae unknown."
Erdtmann & Adams 1975, pp.
Distribution. - C. indianensis is known from the
Mississippian (late Osagean) of Indiana, USA.
From Erdtmann & Adams, 1975
 Erdtmann, B.-D. & Adams, R.L. 1975. Callograptus indianensis n.sp.; the latest North American Graptolite from the
Mississippian (late Osagean) of Indiana. -
Journal of Paleontology 49, 2, 340-345.
The latest North American graptolite